Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Luca 的 Terrible TWO!!

Luca小朋友踏入他人生Terrible Two 的第三個月
亦即係,Luca媽都渡過了三個Terrible months!
別人想拿去他的東西時,他會拒絕,他會say no

Terrible Two
Some signs that your toddler is in the terrible twos are temper tantrums, screaming for no reason, banging head on things and plain old not listening.

There are different ways to handle a toddler going through the terrible two stage and sometimes how the parents and rest of the family react can determine if it will continue or stop. One thing to try to do is ignore the temper tantrum and screaming and throwing of toys. This does not always do much good though as many will continue to throw the toys and keep on screaming as well. But sometimes not doing anything does stop the tantrum for the time being so it doesn't hurt to give it a try.

Yelling back at the toddler is something that is not affective and just makes the toddler think that yelling and screaming is ok and usually just makes them do it all the more. When speaking to a toddler that is having a temper tantrum, try to be calm and keep your voice at a normal level. Raising your voice a little bit is ok but refrain from screaming and yelling back at the toddler.

Another thing to try is the time out chair. Putting a child in a time out chair can be started anywhere from about 18 months old and up. Starting it early on helps them learn what it all means. At first the time out doesn't have to be long, only a few seconds or as long as the toddler will sit in the chair. As time goes on and more time outs are given, longer periods of sitting should be given. The more they are repeatedly put in time out for doing something, the more they will learn that it is something they should not be doing. It may take time and many time outs before a toddler gets the idea but they do get the idea in the long run.

Try everything you can to help you and your toddler make it through the terrible twos without much stress to your family or the toddler. Sometimes nothing works and you just have to try your hardest to relax and not get stressed out over nothing working. They do outgrow the terrible twos, sometimes quickly and other times not until they go to school.

Most important, remember that your toddler is learning every day and your reactions will factor in how they will react to things as well. And remember to tell that toddler that you love them very much even when punishing them with a time out.


新一年,希望Luca的Terrible Two盡快完結!


  1. 新年快樂!

  2. 我都有2個 TERRIBLE 2

  3. 我家的億億皇子和千千公主係未夠兩歲,己經好Terrible 2,而且千千公主係一直涎續到差不多四歲,即是最近才好些。其實現在和他們說什麼,他們也是不很明白又或者是左耳入加右耳出等等,所以我們可以做的就是忍耐再忍耐和不停提示他。我們也和你一樣,也很少帶億億皇子上餐廳了。 不過秘魯有一樣很好的是,這𥚃的Mac記和一些類似Mac記的餐廳都有play centre,所以一星期也會帶他們到那𥚃吃東西一次。

  4. 恭喜發財 雖然幫唔到你 但希望Luca既terrible two會快d過去 加油喔

  5. 一個過度期啦 ! 大小小就明事理,不過真的要教導他,你不教 他不知 ..要比較有耐心及耐性 不要怕煩, 暫時長氣小小都冇辦法, 他是個聰明的小朋友, 多啲賞,小啲 "不可以 "及罵他 加油努力呀!!!